Demonstration – Paul Macklin

This month’s Guest Artist is Paul Macklin. Described as a ‘creative provocateur’, he passionately coaches and incites the creative in every person he meets. Paul will be coming to speak about and demonstrate Acrylic (Abstract). 

In his fifty eight years he has expressed his creativity as poet, musician, potter, painter, actor, graphic designer, creative director and for the past 20 years as the founding director and principle consultant of Amazing People. Paul now divides his time between his family, farm, painting, his corporate role in Amazing People, Head Hand and Heart creative transformation workshops and facilitating the Kincumber Life Drawing Group.

Paul has been engaged in group and solo exhibitions on the Central Coast NSW . The Camino Way, Paul’s first solo exhibition captured the spirit and journey of the Camino Way. Paul’s art balances traditional elements of draftsmanship, structure and form with the creative interplay of abstraction and expression inspired from landscape, figure and dreams. Paul is a consummate learner and he engages those around him in his passionate exploration of art and life. His great joy is to walk the path of discovery, with no fixed destination, while helping others step into the unknown. “I believe that all creativity embraces reality, abstraction and expression and those three dimensions are all pathways to discovery.” To that extent, Paul is equally at home helping students explore traditional principles of design; form, perspective and colour as he is journeying down the road more post-modern destinations. “I see that we all have a zone at the edge of our experience where we have the opportunity to learn, to step into the unknown. We can do that by starting with known principles and expanding towards the edge, or simply by stepping off and learning to fly. My job is to help students discover their own method for confidently extending their creative practice.”

You can see more of Paul’s work on Facebook at Head Hand and Heart.