Of Memory and Change

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An exhibition by the 2017 Wallarobba Outstanding Local Artist; Lyndall Beck.

Many of you will be familiar with the works of Lyndall Beck & this exhibition is a marvellous opportunity to enjoy her many & varied artistic talents under one roof at one time. Lyndall has indeed done herself proud, virtually filling Wallarobba with a display of art in many categories, but all to do with the changing local suburban & regional environment & the attendant social impact resulting from this. As the catalogue says, “Of memory and change documents Lyndall’s personal attempt to grasp and hold onto a world that is slipping away into memory”. In this attempt she has succeeded & the time spent appreciating the work & chatting to the artist was thoroughly enjoyable.
Lyndall’s work is certainly varied & ranges from collagraphs, oil on canvas and mixed media, with a highlight being her film “Solastalgia” in three acts depicting yesterday, today & her perception of a possible tomorrow for the development of Hornsby.

On until Sunday, 11th November.