2018 Hornsby Art Prize


  • Clifford How, Hornsby Art Prize winner for ‘Forgotten Pond 2’
  • Ben Walsh, our 2018 Hornsby Emerging Artist for ‘Kitten’
  • Ross Philip, 2018 Wallarobba Outstanding Local Artist for ‘Sweet success’


Assad Carmelli, Janine Eddison, Marjatta Kaukomaa, Marieke Dench, Jenny Pollak, Jacki Fewtrell-Gobert, Hyun Jin Lee and Lana Wilding


  • Stephen Hall, Drawing, for ‘Death of Queen Jane’
  • Kay Donaldson, 3D, for ‘The Dog Fence / Coober Pedy’
  • Dean Brown, Printmaking, for ‘Back to work again II’
  • Paul McKnight, Painting, for ‘Iranian Primrose.’
  • Tamara Whyte, Digital Art – Stills, for ‘Kastom A Service’ (on display in Hornsby Library)