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Illustration by Emma Pham 2024. NAVA Talks AI is a collaborative series of good practice conversations on the use and impacts of Artificial Intelligence (AI) on work and practice in visual arts, craft and design.

While AI presents a world of creative and supportive potential for artists and arts workers, it also poses significant challenges regarding copyright, consent, creative/cultural autonomy, Indigenous sovereignty and labour. Artists, arts workers and organisations must be central to these conversations to navigate the evolving landscape.

In May, we welcome you to join three online sessions where industry experts will tackle legal and ethical tensions at the intersection of AI and arts practice. NAVA Talks AI will also assist in informing NAVA’s ongoing advocacy work in the AI space.

Participation is free. Register for each session to join the conversation. 

These sessions will be Auslan interpreted and live captioned. If you have any additional access requirements, please contact as soon as possible.

NAVA Talks AI and ICIP
1-2pm AEST online, Monday 13 May 2024

Co-facilitated by NAVA and Shevaun Wright, artist and solicitor at Terri Janke and Company, this session delves into the intersection of AI and Indigenous Cultural and Intellectual Property (ICIP). We’ll explore how AI art projects engage with traditional knowledge and ICIP, the potential for exploitation of ICIP by AI, and good practice protocols for appropriate AI use that respects ICIP rights. Register

NAVA Talks AI and Copyright
1-2pm AEST online, Wednesday 22 May 2024

Katherine Giles from Arts Law joins NAVA to shed light on the current application of copyright law to AI. This includes clearing copyright in AI-generated material, determining copyright ownership of AI-produced material, and navigating legal grey areas. The session aims to provide participants with insights into artists’ engagement with AI technology and suggests good practices for protecting creators’ rights. Register

NAVA Talks AI in Arts Practice
1-2pm AEST online, Wednesday 29 May 2024

Artist Kailum Graves will discuss his approach to incorporating AI in creative expression, exploring its potential to inform artistic expression while addressing questions of authorship, authenticity, and ethical implications. From generative AI to collaborative endeavours, the conversation will highlight opportunities for innovation while considering the ethical, societal, and existential implications, particuarly focusing on the homogenising impact on creativity. Register

NAVA acknowledges and pays respects to the rightful custodians of the many First Nations Lands upon which this online event will be streamed and received. We recognise all Custodians of Country throughout all lands, waters and territories, and pay respect to First Nations communities’ Ancestors and Elders. Sovereignty was never ceded.

Bea Roche

We will all remember Bea Roche who sadly passed away last week in our own ways. She was an outstanding member of the Art Society for more years than many of us can recall.

I have asked Tony Prince, a Society Life Member as was Bea, to give us some recollections of Bea, and I post these thoughts here:

Bea Roche. One can’t help thinking that Bea & The Hornsby Art Society are synonymous. I can’t remember a time when she was not a participating member. Prolific, determined, adventurous are just three of the terms I would use to describe Bea, but there are many more, such as cheeky, innovative, energetic, giving & enthusiastic. Bea also had a talent for getting herself involved in funny situations & it is my privilege to mention just a few.

For example….Calling on the Hanging Team to help her re-hang curtains in her lounge room; but not just anywhere. Try over the staircase leading to her downstairs area: no way could we use a ladder to reach the curtain rod, so Paul Bicknell, a HT stalwart, had to stand on the banister handrail with one foot & step across a meter or so of unforgiving stairs to put the other on the windowsill while stretching up as far as he could to replace the curtain rod. Meanwhile, Bea was giving instructions not to fall!

Another memory : A demo night at the ‘old’ gallery with well known artist Julie Simmons painting a lovely townscape & showing us how to do telephone wires with one sweep of the brush. Bea, of course made sure she didn’t miss anything by sitting so close to the artist she was almost on her lap!

Or a visit to a glass work artist’s studio in Glenorie organised by Jan Martin, to watch glass slumping in progress. I had been instructed to smash a large sheet of glass with a sledgehammer to create all the bits needed for the next stage of the process. Bea proceeded to scramble around to pick up the left-overs for her jewellery pieces, saying “she won’t mind if I take a few bits, will she?”

Adventurous & enthusiastic? Yes indeed! Watercolourist, Yupo paper user, prolific card producer & jewellery maker (dare I mention muffin cook & fudge creator!). Trish & I enjoyed helping Bea set up her exhibits at several ‘Wheel & Weft’ exhibitions in recent years; the last one being only a couple of weeks ago where she sold one hundred & fifty cards & two paintings: not bad for a Lady of almost 99 years (and yes; she handed out delicious cinnamon muffins as a thank you!)

On a more formal note, Bea, who was a Life Member served on the HAS Committee for some years & was a regular participant in a painting group on Tuesday mornings. Until the last couple of years Bea rarely missed an HAS exhibition opening night, but mobility issues became a problem as they inevitably do for many of us who grace this earth for so many years. Our loss might be St. Peter’s gain, but on the plus side there are so many memories of this truly wonderful Lady & we are all richer for having them to draw on.

Happy painting Bea!

Arts and Cultural Survey

Hornsby Council are undertaking a survey of the arts community, run by a consultancy who are developing a plan for the future of the arts in the council area.

This message came from the Council and has details of the survey, and where you can attend briefings:

Dear Arts Group Member

As per my previous emails recognising the importance of creative pursuits in the health and wellbeing of our community and as such, we are developing an Arts and Cultural Plan for the Shire.

The draft Plan will link to our Community Strategic Plan, to Healthy Ageing Hornsby, and to our Community and Cultural Facilities Strategic Plan.

As discussed, the aim is that it will address, amongst other issues, community participation, learning, facilities for making and presenting, and support for our creative practitioners.

The survey closes on October 22nd and we ask that you review and complete it before then

Survey Link .

We are also running four face-to-face chats with our consultant as the dates and times below. Could you pass these onto your contacts within the Shire so we can get the message out.

Thank you in advance.

Monday 9 October 2023 05:00 pm – 06:00 pm

Galston Community Centre

37 Arcadia Road, Galston

Tuesday 10 October 2023 05:30 pm – 06:30 pm

Storey Park Community Centre, Hornsby

12 Old Berowra Road, Hornsby

Wednesday 11 October 2023 05:30 pm – 06:30 pm

Hornsby Library

28-44 George St, Hornsby

Thursday 12 October 2023 10:00 am – 12:30 pm (A CALD community event)

Hornsby Mall

Thursday 12 October 2023 04:30 pm – 05:30 pm

Pennant Hills Community Centre

Ramsey Rd Pennant Hill

Plein Air – the past year

In September we will have been holding plein air groups for one year.

We have had lovely days, and some wet days and some cold and wet days, but we haven’t had to cancel a meeting yet. And every time has been marvelous to get out in this lovely shire and spend some hours sketching, painting, looking, talking.

And not all have resulted in finished paintings but some have, and have been shown in exhibitions.

Here is a collection of some photos from the spots, and some sketches and paintings based on the day’s work.

Portrait Group

We are considering starting a portraiture group for HAS members.

At this stage it would be one day a month, in Beatrice Taylor Hall and the suggestion is the Third Wednesday of the month, in the afternoon as it looks like this time is free. There will be charge for the hire and the model, but no tutor. Just discussion.

It depends on interest and ability to make the group, so we have a simple survey here to gauge numbers and collect feedback and suggestions.

The survey is now closed and the results are being considered.

We will advise on the decision and details soon.