Hornsby Art Society hold about seven exhibitions during the year, One is for Young Artists, two are for solo member exhibitions and four are for members to submit up to 4 works. Entry to these exhibitions is by completing the entry form for the exhibition, paying for the number of works submitted, and signing up to help with the running of the exhibition.

The usual time line for the general exhibitions is:

Friday 5pm Entries close.

Sunday 4-5pm Delivery of works to Wallarobba.

Wednesday to Sunday 10am to 4 pm for 2 weeks exhibition open for public viewing

Friday 7pm on first week Opening Functions in Wallarobba

Sunday 4-5 pm of second week pick up works from Wallarobba

This timeline may have to be altered so the event page should be checked as it will show any changes.

Details and forms

Details about the exhibitions planned for the year are shown on this website as an event. In the early planning stages this may be sketchy and limited only to title and general time.

As the programme is finalised this event page is updated to show dates, and give details of themes and other information.

A link to the entry form is added to the event page. After completing and submitting the entry details, you will be taken to the PayPal payment page for the exhibition which is set up to cater for the number of entries. If not using PayPal payment can be made using direct bank transfer to the details shown.

The Event Page will also have a link to the SignUp page for the event. It is a requirement that any member submitting an entry must complete at least one shift helping with the exhibition.

Special exhibitions

There are two or three exhibitions during the year when members do not submit works as explained above but we do ask for help with volunteering for these exhibitions.

These are the Young Artist Exhibition which the Society puts on each year as its contribution to development of artists in the local area, and partner exhibitions put on with Hornsby Shire Council. It is because of this help that the Society receives help in access and use of Wallarobba and it is important that members give one shift for each of the exhibitions

Solo exhibitions

Two exhibition spaces are reserved each year for a member, or a smaller group of members to put on an exhibition for a fortnight. Expressions of interest in these solo exhibitions are called for in July for the exhibitions in the following year. Members can make application during this open time using a form on the website. Details of the conditions and details are also available on the website.


The Society exists as it does because of the time volunteers put in to the running of the events. Most of this volunteering is done by minding the desk during exhibitions, but we also have need for people to help out in setting up for demonstrations and workshops, serving on teams such as the hanging team or serving as a office bearer.

One of the exhibitions each year is the Volunteers Exhibition, open only to members who have helped during the previous year. This is a way of saying thank you.