Virtual exhibition July 2021

Welcome to the virtual exhibition of the Hornsby Art Society

Thank you to everyone submitting entries, and making such a grand show.

We have 101 entries, that are arranged in this gallery by artist name. If you hover your mouse pointer over the smaller picture the name will show. If you click on the picture it will enlarge and show the title, media and name. There are small buttons at the bottom of the enlarged picture to navigate on through the gallery. And if you click the F11 key on the function keys for Windows, or CTRL CMD F for Mac you will get a full screen display

4 thoughts on “Virtual exhibition July 2021

  1. Thank you all for presenting this event
    It’s greatly appreciated.
    Under the circumstances ,meaning out lock up situation, its delightful to see some other artists work.
    Working in a solitary environment can reduce enthusiasm
    Again thanks

  2. What a lovely exhibition! It was great to be able to look at it from the comfort of my home and it is a great way to showcase what everyone is doing.

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