Members Exhibition 2021

This is the Members Exhibition for 2021, with photos of works submitted by the Members of Hornsby Art Society.

Catalog entries are shown for each entry, which are in four categories.

For this exhibition we ran a viewer’s choice competition. We are assessing the results now.

No entries found

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Photo contest ist over
Photo contest ist over


If you are interested in purchasing any of the works in this exhibition, please complete this form with your contact details, and the identification code of the work, or works you are interested in. The Society will pass on your details to the artist who will contact you and you can sort out the purchase details with them. They will also discuss packaging and delivery costs and details with you.
Please bear in mind that these are reproductions using photos submitted by the artist, and although they have taken all care to produce the photo, the colours in the photo may differ from the original. The Society cannot guarantee the accuracy and you should satisfy yourself on this point.


  • Enter the code of the work(s) you are interested in.


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