Westfield Exhibition

Exhibition details

  • This exhibition is open to members of the Hornsby Art Society only. The entries close on midnight May 23rd. Entries submitted after that time will not be reviewed. Please submit details of one work for possible inclusion in a display of Society works, in Westfield Shopping Centre.
  • Works to be displayed will be selected (16 only) by a sub committee after reviewing the photo submitted, and the selections will be made on works that contribute to a balanced display, based on size of work, frame type (or not), colours included in work, media etc. Works should be between a minimum 30cm x 40cm to a maximum of 40cm x 60 cm measured outside the frame or canvas if unframed They can be any medium, and include painting, drawing, printwork and any subject.
  • They must meet the Society standards for presentation. There is no charge for entering work. There is no SignUp for this exhibition, but there will be an opportunity for a group photo of all exhibiting artists.
  • Successful entrants will be notified by email, and details of the drop off date, place and time will be included in the notification.

Entrant detail


Entry details

  • I certify that my entries are my original work and do not breach another artist’s copyright or intellectual property. I give permission for photos of my work(s) to be used in the promotion of the Exhibition and of the Hornsby Art Society. I acknowledge that I am responsible for all costs incurred in the presentation, delivery and collection of artworks. I acknowledge all entries are made at my own risk; that I am responsible for any insurance I may require and that HAS accepts no liability for loss, damage or theft of works.