Taking photos of works of art

It is always a pity to spoil a work of art with a poor photo, and with the online exhibitions more common here are some tips on how to put your work in the best light, as it were. Reading the literature on the internet gives the following tips:

  1. Put the painting in a good strong even light. Natural lighting from a window is good, direct sunlight is probably too strong. Avoid using artificial lighting such as lamps or fluorescents as their light may be coloured.
  2. Keep the painting parallel to the camera. To do this hang the painting on a wall and position the camera at the mid height, or place the painting on the floor and hold the camera directly above.
  3. Mount the camera as solidly as possible, using a tripod or table or box of the right height.
  4. Make sure the background is as simple as possible, and adjust the zoom to fill the frame with picture and have a minimum of surrounds.
  5. Make sure the picture is focused on the painting.
  6. If possible use the self take timer to avoid shaking the camera when you press the button.
  7. Take a few shots to give some spares if there is a problem.

This is a link that explains how in more detail.