Ways of Seeing Landscape

Last Thursday we went to see the latest exhibition at Purple Noon Gallery at Freeman’s Reach. Absolutely beautiful! A comprehensive range of works by Fiona Barrett-Clark and Hiren Patel. As the brochure says: “A selection of recent paintings that reflect the artists’ love of the contemporary Australian landscape, its colour, and contrast for dark shadows and intense light”.

But that doesn’t really cover it. One has to appreciate the stunning blends of colour in the skies and starkly silhouetted tree lines & horizons; the evocative depiction of colourful streetscapes & wet pavements at dusk; highlighted by bursts of light from signs & traffic. This is just magic stuff & the lucky people who came to savour the wonderful work showed their appreciation in tangible terms, with a generous number of red dots!!! Please note that both artists have their own web sites; very much worth visiting.

Purple Noon Gallery is located at 606 Terrace Rd, Freeman’s Reach. www.purplenoongallery.com.au