Virtual Exhibition in lockdown

As the Members Exhibition has had to be postponed to September, we have decided to hold a ‘Virtual Exhibition’ where you can submit photos of up to 4 works you have done. They don’t have to be your entries to the exhibition so can be anything that you have worked on during the various lock downs we have had over the past year and a half.

There is an entry form on the website, under Exhibitions and called Virtual Exhibition.

Choose photos you have on your computer, or if you are taking photos using your phone you can go to the website on your phone, complete the entry form on the phone and any photos you have taken will be under photo gallery on the phone and can be attached. Then click ‘submit’ on the form.

There is also a post on the website about tips for taking photos of your works, and links to more detailed information on the internet.

The closing date for submission is 5pm Sunday 4th July. Once photos are submitted they will be added to a Photo Gallery on the website and will be available to see under Exhibitions, Virtual Exhibition from Tuesday 6th July. And being a virtual exhibition there is no need to sign up as a volunteer!

There is no charge for entry and no provision for sales of works. The other normal conditions apply but of course not size and d-rings.