The Romantics Art Exhibition

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The ninth annual Romantics Art Exhibition is on again, but you’ll have to be quick! Only today & tomorrow, on show from 10.00am at the Hunters Hill Town Hall; 22 Alexandra Street, Hunters Hill.

This event is a must on my calendar, as it brings Just so much enjoyment to the senses. There are five of Australia’s leading traditional artists exhibiting here who are also recognised globally & who have each received numerous awards. This is an unmissable opportunity to enjoy their collective talents under the one roof at the one time.

The exhibiting artists are: Ian Hansen, Ramon Ward-Thompson,  Werner Filipich, James Hough and Max Mannix. Their work is simply superb. Exciting, satisfying, colourful & evocative! If you miss it just have a look at their respective websites & put it on your calendar for next year.

Check here for a quick view of their work.