Celebration 60 years

Celebration 2024

  • Entries are called for the Celebration Exhibition. There is limit of up to 3 entries, so complete the details for as many as you are entering. Please note that multiple entries are counted as 2 for a diptych and 3 for a triptych. Entry fee to the exhibition is $15 per entry for members, and this exhibition is limited to members only because of space. You can make a payment by BSB or PayPal. A condition of entry for members is that you complete at least one shift volunteering on the front desk. Entries close at 5pm on Friday 16th August.

Entrant details


Entry details

  • I certify that my entries are my original work and do not breach another artist’s copyright or intellectual property. I give permission for photos of my work(s) to be used in the promotion of the Exhibition and of the Hornsby Art Society. I acknowledge that I am responsible for all costs incurred in the presentation, delivery and collection of artworks. I acknowledge all entries are made at my own risk; that I am responsible for any insurance I may require and that HAS accepts no liability for loss, damage or theft of works.
  • Please be patient after submitting the form. It takes a little while before you are redirected to the payment page. If you reclick the button you will submit the form many times.