Australian Watercolour Institute

Gosford Regional Gallery

Running from 10 February to 1 April this exhibition is an absolute must see for any watercolour artists, but don’t stop there; just an appreciation of fine art by members of Australia’s oldest & most prestigious watercolour society will more than justify a trip to see this superb display.

The exhibition comprises some sixty five works and a wide variety of genresĀ  and styles. I started off thinking that I would be able to pick a favourite work: Ha! Joking of course: they were all gorgeous. If I had to choose I couldn’t stop at one favourite: I got to fifteen & still counting!

To keep the watercolours company there was an installation called ‘Life Stock’ comprising photographs & a film by visual artist Ian Provest. Stunning work & beautifully portrayed subjects & settings.

And as if this was not enough, the foyer area featured a number of works by Hyun Hee Lee, entitled ‘Journey Home’. This represents her interpretation of her life particularly since coming to Australia from Korea & involves the imaginative use of colour & calligraphy.

A great day for the artistic senses & the gastronomic ones as well, as the coffee shop was serving a superb chocolate cake with ice cream & strawberries. After a visit to the gallery shop to buy more cards, we called it a day & decided to head home.